Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 25

Six Sentence Sunday #3

The easiest jobs were the ones where it didn’t matter how it looked. Quick contact and a quick drop. Since he’d been assigned to Rebus all the jobs were complicated. They had to look right, they had to be planned, they had to look like an accident or natural causes. His handler wanted to plan …

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Jun 18

Six Sentence Sunday #2

My Six Sentence Sunday offering: He heard Edward laugh then pat Sawyer cheek. He looked at the woman. It was obvious they were a couple. Ryan watched as his mind reeled a million miles an hour trying to decipher this scene. He heard Edward’s voice carry across the courtyard, ‘That’s my girl.’ ‘Oh, Daddy.’ Sawyer …

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Jun 11

Six Sentence Sunday #1

He moved forward toward Sawyer as soon as he saw her turn the corner toward their building. She was closely followed by Edward. Ryan froze in his tracks and ducked back against the side of the building. He carefully moved his head forward out of the shadow to see them. A woman followed Edward and …

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