Nov 12

Shopping Anyone?

2013-11-12 17.19.03

Someone is ready for Ikea…

Nov 11

1000 Pages and Counting

I guess when I was told a javascript script wasn’t working I should have listened. But no, I had to find out for myself. I tested the script by printing, the script ran and moved the document from one queue to another. An error message appeared in the queue, the print showed as 1 page, …

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Nov 10

Horse Riding


So, I was on my usual horse today. I wasn’t dreading it as much as I thought I was and the lesson went okay after a shaky start. It was 9am – first lesson of the day, first lesson for the horse as well and she takes a bit to get going. I felt better …

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Nov 09


Well, this is just worth a damn good gawk because their bodies are in such amazing condition – but they are sending out an important message. Warwick Rowers get naked to bring awareness of the problem of homophobia and bullying in school. Working in a school, I see and hear of kids being bullied or …

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Nov 08


Looking forward to my tutorial tomorrow. Some time away from kids! Time on my own. Who doesn’t need that?

Nov 07


This coming Sunday’s Homeland episode is titled Gerontion. What does that mean, I wondered and discovered it is a T S Eliot poem with a ton of meaning about aging, historical truths and how that alters/changes, religious symbolism etc etc. The best blog on explaining it that I found was this. Wikipedia has other stuff …

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Nov 06

November Rain

Woke up to rain Walked to work in the rain Listened to the rain on the roof at work all day Left work in the rain A downpour hits before bedtime – rain pounds every side of the house Fall asleep listening to rain against the window Cold November Rain

Nov 05

Blank Page

We’re reading Candide by Voltaire on our Literature course. The philosophy it deals with – be happy because things are as they should be in the world – has made me think. Voltaire talks about – well, what is a world – my world, your world, the world – are different places considered different worlds. …

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Nov 04


Went back to work today after a week off. I love days when a lot of bulk gets done. We sorted out the music PCs – after 3 long weeks of rebuilding, testing software, failing, trying again. Then, finally, success! They are all hooked up to the Yamaha midi keyboards and they all work. Trial …

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Nov 03


So, it happened again – 18 months after the first time. I leaned over to place a spoon in the dishwasher and did something to my back. Same spot – left hand side. It doesn’t hurt as bad as the first time though, which is a massive relief. What now – I know I need …

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